After a conversation over dinner about "how your issues could be solved with a little software and hardware", Endeavor Engineering was started in 1997.  Our general mission was to enable data and information to flow for clients across the enterprise, from the "plant floor" to the boardroom.


This was the early ".com" days of the Internet where a growing understanding of how computing, communications, engineering, and IT were creating new business opportunities and capabilities.  They were heady times indeed and filled with possibility but as time passed the lasting solutions and business delivered recognized value in a new way.
Endeavor spent years building valued solutions for customers.  After racking up enough frequent flyer miles to go to the moon and keeping the coffee house baristas gainfully employed, Endeavor Engineering's principles Jim Tillett and Eric Pierce started searching for a way to apply this hard-won knowledge in a new way.

Innovari has now grown to be a recognized leader in solutions for the “grid of the future”.

Using their deep background and experience in the power and energy space they experimented with a few ideas and eventually joined with the other founders in 2011 to create Innovari, a company with focus on enabling better Utility interaction with the grid-edge.
The sign in front of the Endeavor office was changed to Innovari, then six years passed and Innovari has now grown to be a recognized leader in solutions for the "grid of the future".  During this time Endeavor Engineering has been in capable hands under cruise control and going the speed limit.


After enough frequent flyer miles to get to Mars and keeping baristas gainfully employed around the world, now freshly armed with a wealth of global experience and knowledge Jim Tillett has transitioned out of Innovari.  He has "the band" back together and his mission is to seek out new opportunities and boldly go where no intelligent device has gone before.
The .com era was focused on enabling new ways for people to interact with the digital world.  Now we are once again basking in the glow of possible new interactions, except this time it is through the connected intelligent "Things", a.k.a. the Internet of Things (IoT).  For the folks serious about performance, reliability, industrial strength in general its the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

However you refer to your Things, Endeavor Engineering is focused on enabling your imagination to connect them together and potentially with the "big brain" known as the Cloud to get turnkey value from a new or improved capability.  If you are imagining a car we don't just give you a motor and wheels with tools and a manual, we deliver a race care fueled up and ready to go.
These are exciting times and the possibilities are endless but enabling real value is what matters.  Please feel free to provide feedback on the form below or shoot Jim a message to help us understand what you are imagining.

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